Litter announcement

There here!  Very proven breeding. These are the two dogs that started our kennel.  Whelped Dec 7/2016. Ready for homes Feb 1 2017.  We prefer to keep pups the whole eight weeks.  $100 deposit is required to enter choosing order.

As of January 18, 2017 all pups are sold. We are planing a breeding for summer of 2018.  We do know of some quality pups for sale soon by a friend.  Let us know if interested.  Thank you

Male #1 White/Liver
Looks like his Mama deposit made
Male #2 White/Orange Black
Looks like his Daddy sold

Female #1 White/Orange Black

Very little color on this one, almost completely white.  We call her Snowball


Female #2 White/Black
Deep rich colored blaze covering most of head. light ticking.
Females #3 White/Lemon
Little more color than #1 but has flesh colored nose and probably hazel eyes
Female #4 White / Black
Female #5 White/Lemon
Flesh colored nose and hazel eyes
Female #6  White/Liver
Beautiful just like her Mama
Female #7  White/Orange Black

Nurturing a quality pup is no accident.  Great care is taken to expose your pup to most of their life circumstances in a controlled safe environment. with their litter mates, this helps develop a confident, strong and willing personality.  We are 100% careful of any loud and surprising noises around pups until the end of their 17 week birthday (this is considered their fear stage and any fear  they encounter can imprint on them and lead to gun shyness).  The design of our whelping and weaning boxes promote good hygiene and a pup that potty trains quickly.  We also implement puppy pads and/or newspaper, your pup will probably use them the day you get them home.  We work on playing fetch, expose to frozen and live birds, inside house crates, outside kennels, collars and leashes and rides in the car and bath time (A VERY HIGH PERCENTAGE OF OUR PUPS WILL RETRIVE IN WATER WHEN MATURE) just  to name of few of the things we work on.  All pups are handled daily by my family and will be current on vet and have Dew claws removed.  No dog that leaves here will be kennel blind guaranteed!

Males are $650

Females are $750

Air ship to lower 48 is $400 for one and $450 for two. When pups are 12 weeks prices may rise some due to weight.  We generally ship United from Omaha.  Included is transportation to Omaha, new Dog kennel, new kennel bowls that mount to side and health certificate and air fair.  Please bring I.D., collar, leash, water and a snack when you come to receive your pup at the airport or pickup at our kennel.  If you use interstate travel please do not utilize rest areas and truck stops for puppy bathroom breaks as these areas are full of parasites and disease. For a natural way to deworm research Diatomaceous Earth.

Nitros Elhew Ithaca pictures

First four pics are of Ithaca and rest are previous litter pups. You can also check testimonials for Ithaca/Reload pups

Twincedars Elhew Reload

Last pic is a Ithaca/Reload pup

  • Reload and Ithaca
    Reload and Ithaca
  • Reload and Ithaca pup
    Reload and Ithaca pup