Dickinson Dens Elhew English Pointers

Welcome to Dickinson Dens. Thank you so much for stopping by. We at the Double D are very proud of our pointers. So come on in and take a peak. Dont be offended if we brag a bit, well truth be told we brag them up pretty good.


Here at DoubleD Pointers our ultimate goal is to provide you and your family with a pup that exeeds your expectation. That being said I welcome your feedback after the sale to put into our Testimonials.  Our expectation is that  the pups will pocess all the natural abilities and trainability of a classy hunting companion with a good family dog personality.

Good job Brody! Youth season open 2016

English Pointer Puppies
Ithaca and Reloads first litter. 12 Puppies! Bath time!  That's Mac second from left, Diego third from left and Kimber in the middle.
Double D's Elhew Mac.  Mac works on a preserve in South Dakota. Lucky boy goes hunting every day.
English Pointer Started Hunting
English Pointer Started Hunting Dog
English Pointer Started Dog

\\\Meet DoubleDs Elhew Diego.  He is From Ithaca and Reload litter 2012. He is  in the bath tub photo above.

English Pointer Hunting Dog
\Meet DoubleDs Elhew Kimber.  She is From Ithaca and Reload litter 2012. She is also in the bath tub photo above.
Diego and Kimber will be a year old this coming hunting season.  They are very promising, a joy to work with and train. If all goes well in the field these coming years, watch for future litters that include these two!
English Pointer Hunting
Reload in the field 2012

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