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$500.00 stud fee. Reload has sired five litter.

Reload is the good stuff.  Will breed a nice tail, 110% desire to hunt and willingness to retrieve into any quality female.

Stud Service Available

Double D's Elhew Diego (Digs) $500 stud fee.

Digs is one my pups from Ithaca and Reload.  Has always stood out from the rest with intelligence and his quick to learn attitude.  Digs is a close working dog, excellent for working heavy cover and wooded areas.  Digs is incredible retriever like his mom and he absolutely loves water (might be part lab!).  Digs is a big blocky dog, 55 to 58 lbs, nice thick coat good for a northern climate, hazel almond shaped eyes with a perfect thick 12 o'clock tail.