He has really filled out good...also he had a excellent first year... He is a finished dog and does it all.. Plus I love his disposition and his prey drive... I couldn't leave him kenneled in my truck when I put birds out cause some how he would end up with a pile of tail feathers lol... He does it all man ... Has an Awesome point, honors,  steady to flush, heals well, retrieves to hand, works the field great, works with other well! I guess what I'm trying to say is that he is an awesome dog and your not getting him back lol

Ithaca and Reload pup (Orange and White dog is Kota) and his older brother Mak

Received March 2014 when Elli is 1.5 years old

Took Elli out for the last time this season and ran her in the Franklin county quail forever mentor hunt for the second year. She had 19 birds with the kids and then the chapter went out and put out an additional 75 birds out. Elli was joined by 2 shorthairs, a wire hair and a vizsla. Safe to say that she stole the show in that hunt with her natural ability and incredible style in the field. Just the day alone, I recorded 58 points from her on birds. At her age, she has had 233 upland birds shot over her and have been offered up to $8000 for her as a started dog. That speaks loudly to the breeding and bloodlines that she represents. To date, she has hunted along some incredible bird dogs with many titles behind their name and I can confidently say that she out hunts and out performs.




Quick update with Elli. She has been doing excellent as house dog and still have high hopes for her as a bird dog. We have been getting out and about 3-4 days a week in the field working on blind retrieves, whoaing, backing and whistle training. She has been doing incredibly well overall. That dog loves to retrieve! She is getting better with using her nose and the wind. Will be running her on more birds this coming weekend and then every weekend in March.  - Ben
Awesome! Love it that she is doing her job, im sure she is enjoying it too. We spent about six hours on Ellis brother and sisters last saturday. Sure is amazing how quickly they pick it up. Will u have her ready for the Hunt test this year?  - JAMES
 I sure hope so. I need to get her on some water retrieves although I want it to warm up a little before I start that. I am still going back and forth on if I want to spend the time and money chasing titles for her since I do not plan on breeding Elli. With the 3 places that I will be guiding her with, I am sure people would like a puppy after they see her hunt but I will just refer them to you guys. I have had two people offer to buy her from me already, so that is a good testimate to the quality of breeding you guys have. One guy offered me 1800 for her a few weeks ago. No way I can part with her at this point, she is part of my family now! She is a rockstar in the field and is crazy at being a quick learner. - BEN
 Update on Elli
April 23, 2013
Came across a rooster over lunch.  She has been doing great. 50+ birds shot over her from regular season and preserve guiding.  Great personality and lots of power!  BEN

Above is a quick video of Elli doing her thing!  Moving and grooving just like her daddy! 

Elli managed to make it into and issue of Quail Forever.

He has been learning fast.... All most house trained at 8 wks n is coming already... He is going to b a retrieving fool I can tell .... He carries any thing around in is mouth already... Holds it up high too... The boys got some style n brains.... I know I am going to be very happy with this dog. I have been raising n training pointers for over 20 yrs n I would recommend u to any future buyers....n u can quote me on that S--T !

Robbie Thompson


I am a pheasant guide from south Dakota n have been raising and training English pointers now for over 20yrs. I recently bought a dog from James n Lisa back in Nov. As I said I train my own dogs n have had many of great pointers over the years. This is by far the best dog that I have ever had the privilege of owning and training. He was retrieving n pretty much house broke at 8 wks old. Presently these r the things he can do...Points, Whoa broke, retrieves including doubles and blind retrieves, heels(even alone side my bike when we go for runs), loves the water n lives to water retrieve, he will stay and not release until he is given the command, sits, lays down, rolls over, pretty much does it all and still is a puppy. He is so smart it made it extremely easy n fun to train. I would recommend Double D pointers to anyone. I know that as long as they are in business, this is where I will be getting all of my feature master hunters from. As breeders, Lisa and James made it so easy to buy from n kept me well informed. They are very knowledgable of the breed n what it takes to be a breeder. This is by far the best bloodline I have ever seen. So If anybody is worried abt the price of these dogs, they shouldn't be. I always tell people that the base price of a dog should never even go into your considerations, for the time n money that goes into a pet in its lifetime this part is nothing. I hope that anybody that read this buys one of these dogs, don't miss out these dogs are what dreams are made of!

Robbie Thompson
guide & trainer

Added May 2013


Robbie K. Thompson AMEN my friend! Doubled Elhew TY you both for giving me such an oppurtunity of greatness! n such a qaulity blood line...u guys definately hit it out of the park with this one! Im sold... Elhew forever

Added 10/7/2013

Higgins on point (Maggies Brother) with Mak backing (Ithaca and Reloads Pup).
Hi James and Lisa,
I trust all is going well. I want to let you know that Stella is doing well. She was out of Ithaca and Reload and whelped 12/29/13.
She is an energetic, bold and tenacious. She works a field with thorough enthusiasm. At 16 weeks she was running wide at 500 yds being an enthusiastic puppy. At 6 mos with some work she started casting the field between 30 yds and 100 yds depending on the cover. She pointed and held her point on her first planted pigeon at 4 mos. Attached photos of Stella are at 7mos of age pointing a planted pigeon and 8 mos retrieving her first pheasant.
She is very steady on point but not quite steady to flush yet.She is very affectionate and engaging in the house  always instigating her game by picking up clothes and anything laying around to get attention. She naturally retrieved since she was 10 weeks old. Releasing her prize is taking some patience but we'll get there. In your video of the litter back in January you identified her as a " go getter" and you were right on.
I took a weekend trip to Mchigan grouse hunting late October and she did very well. She pointed and flushed 9 grouse in 3 hrs within a 2 mile stretch of woods. Canopy was too thick this early and no shots were fired but she was enjoying herself.
So far during the pheasant season starting Nov 1 in Illinois she has pointed and held 12 birds with 8 shot. Another 4 dozen birds were pointed and flushed out of range on their own. This was on a state run stocked facility and the birds run continously but she has not bumped a bird yet. She has always held her point with style. She is now 11 mos old and her stamina and desire are outstanding.
She is very affectionate and playful at home and great to have around the house.
Thanks again for you help and guidance.
Merry Christmas to you and your family!

 Amazing puppy. She was house trained in about a week. She points and retrieve.  Have not had her on like birds yet but frozen/dead one she can find and retrieve.  Even from a long distance.   She is a little independent  so I hope I can keep her close. We are so glad we found you. Thanks


Here she is pointing solid on a pheasant wing!!!!  I like the one with her leg up it makes me laugh she held that pose for about 2 minutes. She is the most determined and focused dog I have ever had.  We love her so much and I can't wait until this fall. Hope you all are doing well!  Have a geat weekend!


update on pup above 8/01/2014

Here is a picture of my puppy that was born in January. We were working in the yard and she was doing some training on her own. I absolutely love her friendly spirit and willingness to please. She is a great dog can't wait to hunt this fall. Hope all is going great with you guys. Take care.


I purchased my dog from James and Lisa almost a month ago and from the first email, they were a pleasure to deal with.  They were quick to respond to all my questions and were genuinely some of nicest people I have ever dealt with.  I raised Elhew pointers in Iowa years ago and I knew exactly what I wanted and I got that in my dog that I picked out from them.  We drove 6 hours to pick out our pointer and when we arrived we were treated first class from the very beginning.  They weren’t interested in just getting their money and getting us on our way.  Lisa got out all the pups and let us play with them to get an idea of what we were looking for and then all of the older dogs and worked with them all to show us the kind of dog we were about to purchase.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend purchasing your hunting companion from them and I am sure, when I decide to get into breeding again that I will look no farther than James and Lisa for my female.  Thanks again guys and I look forward to coming back and hunting with you!

Jumar Gordon

Sterling, CO

I recently purchased two pointer puppies from Double D Pointers and both dogs are outstanding. They are definitely everything I was hoping for and more. They are super smart, playful, have great instincts and are affectionate all at the same time. I can't tell you how many compliments I get on what good looking dogs they are. The process was great from start to finish. Both James and Lisa were very helpful and quick to answer any questions, which was good since the dogs had to fly to California. I'm Definitely happy with everything and recommend Double D Pointers to anyone looking for great pointers.
Here are some pictures of "Abby"...we absolutely ADORE her!!! She is so sweet and smart!
She is adjusting extremely well...she has slept through the night for the past 2 nights in her crate with no accidents (which is huge for me because I'm usually on night duty)...She likes her new big sister, "Sophie", even though she occasionally gets growled at!
She is a great addition to our family...thank you so much! :)
Trina and Doug
Submitted by: Rob Selly on Dec 18, 2012
I recently purchased a English Pointer Puppy from James and Lisa. He was the first dog i have ever owned, my family has alot of allergies to animals, and they took the time to listen and adress my concerns. James spent alot of time just taking pics, and explaining the differences between each one. By talking with him you could tell how much he cared for his dogs and it made my decision easy. Ottis is everything they said and more he is part of the family. I will buy another dog from them when the time comes.